About us

Lesco Chemical Limited, a leading hydrocarbon resin (Petroleum Resin) manufacturer and exporter in China, because of advanced hydrocarbon resin manufacture technology and decades of experience specializing in petroleum resin, LESCO had gained favorable reputaion in this field, presently LESCO products have evolved to meet the increasing demands and requirements of our customers domestical and overseas.

Main products: C5 Aliphatic Hydrocarbon Resin, C9 Aromatic Petroleum Resin, C5/C9 Copolymerized Hydrocarbon Resin, C5 Alicyclic Petroleum Resin, DCPD Alicylic Hydrocarbon ResinTerprene Resin and Coumarone Resin.

Our C5 aliphatic hydrocarbon resin, with yearly capacity of around 17,000 tons, is widely used in thermoplastic road-marking paints, hot-melt adhesive, pressure-sensitive adhesive, tyre, rubber, coating, glue, tape, etc.

Our C9 aromatic hydrocarbon resin, more than 14,000 tons per year, with main used in paint, printing ink, rubber, etc.

C5/C9 Copolymerized hydrocarbon resin, more than 9,000 tons per year, is widely used in adhesive, rubber, tyre, etc.

C5 Alicylic Petroleum Resin, more than 8000 tons yearly, mainly used in rubber, tire, paints, adhesive, road-marking paints, etc.

Lesco passed ISO 9001:2000 verified in 2007. It is our mission to supply the highest-quality raw materials at the most competitive price possibly.

Our company has many years' cooperative relationships with clients at home and abroad. We can offer clients high quality products and stable goods supply.